How To Build A Garden Lighthouse Out Of Pallets Step By Step

A step by step guide to build your own garden lighthouse out of pallets, a few bits of reclaimed wood, an old garden shed perspex window and a few lollipop sticks.

I searched all over for free plans to build one because I didn’t want to buy them but nobody seemed at the time to be giving them away free or if they did it was a vauge description and the videos I found didn’t really show you how to make it from scratch. I wanted one for the garden so I had a go at building one for as cheap as possible using whatever I could lay my hands on.

I was suprised with the finished result because I honestly didn’t have a clue how to make one but I had enough pallets to practice on. The order of things on the video is the order that I built it in.

I did the video so other people can make them without spending a fortune on plans.

The whole project cost me £1.50 to make because I had to buy some lollipop sticks because I didn’t have any.