How To Make A Simple Pallet Wood Picket Fence

In this video I demonstrate how to make a simple pallet wood picket fence for free. This is a very easy project and goes together quite simply. All you need are some free pallets, a circular saw and some protective gear.

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I chose a pallet that is clean and free of major cracks, splinters or missing boards. If you have a bad pallet, you can salvage parts from that one to repair other pallets that may need a single board replaced.

When you have a good pallet in place on your work bench, choose which side will be the top of your picket fence.

Next make a cut with our saw along the inside edge of the pallet frame, all the way across on the fop side of the pallet.

Next turn over your pallet and then, on the bottom side of the pallet, make a cut across the inside edge of the frame, as shown in the video.

Now remove the unwanted piece of the pallet and discard it or keep it for other projects.

Now all you have to do is make the angled cuts on the top of your pallet wood picket fence. I do this free hand but you can make a template if you want.

I First make all the cuts on one side and then do the other side, making the spikes on top of your pallet wood picket fence.

To hold your pallet wood picket fence in place, you can either use 4×4 fence posts or metal stakes as I have used. I only used the stakes because I cannot dig in the ground here due to rocks and hard packed clay. Otherwise I would advise treated lumber posts for this job.

I used baling wire to attack my pallet wood picket fence pieces to the stake. If using wood posts then you can screw or nail the boards in place.

For longevity you should raise the pallet wood picket fence off the ground a few inches to allow the wood to dry and prevent ants and termites. I will eventually get some free bricks and use them to raise the wood off the ground a couple inches.

Thats it. It is that easy to make a pallet wood picket fence.

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